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Darfo Boario Terme, Iseo Lake, Italy.

Diamalteria was born more than one hundred years ago in the heart of Val Camonica.
Our malt extracts could develop only at this very unique time and place, where spring water pureness meets tradition and love of good food. Our products are one of a kind in terms of taste, nutritional properties and genuineness, making every recipe unique.

Since 2010, we have been part of the Malteurop Group and the large Vivescia agroindustrial family, with whom we share the long-term vision and entrepreneurial flair, while keeping a keen eye on our local identity.

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“At Diamalteria, our extracts are filled with passion. We proudly contribute in nutritious and appealing recipes around the tables of the world. 
Jeremy Leroux, Managing Director 

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of bread produced every day with malt extract


Our products

Malt extract is a key ingredient for unique taste, color and nutritional value in every delicious recipe. Discover the products that best suit your needs in our dedicated sections. Pizzas, croissants, breadsticks… just add a pinch of malt extract and your customers would crave for your products!

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See the difference, taste the difference! Over the years, we took part in hundreds of development projects with many influential international food companies, and we have been supplying artisans of the “white” art of bakery for more than a hundred years to make bakery products even better and tastier on all Italian tables!

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Diamalteria Italiana Srl (Main Office)
Piazza Sicilia, 6
20146 Milano – Italia
phone: +39.02.43929211
fax: +39.02.43982969
mail: info@diamalteria.com

Diamalteria Italiana Srl (Factory & Laboratories)
Corso Roberto Enea Lepetit, 6
25047 Darfo Boario Terme
Brescia – Italia
phone: +39.0364.53 3761
fax: +39.0364.534647