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Dry Bakery products such as Crackers, Grissini, and Rusks owe their crusts’ crispness and color to the action of malt flours and malt-extract enzymes.

Barley malt hemycellulases and proteases — for example in Diacripsi or Diamaltone — hydrolyze PNS (Polysaccharides Not from Starch), resulting in faster evaporation of water in the oven and better crispness.

The extensibility of Grissini or breadsticks is due to the hydrolitic action of the enzymes of barley malt: products such as Diamaltone, Goldmalt or Diaestensi reduce the viscosity of the dough, making it more easily extensible and as a consequence more machinable.

Rusks and Grissini rely on the Maillard reaction induced with ingredients such as Goldmalt, Diamaltone Dark or Krystalmalt to enhance the final taste.

Homogeneous leavening is guaranteed by the addition of diastatic malt extracts such as Goldmalt, rich in Beta-amylase that provides fermentescible sugars conducive to constant fermentation.