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A fast-growing market around the world, Baby foods are widely available in dry, or ready-to-feed forms, consumed as either a soft, liquid paste or an easily chewable food often consisting of pureed vegetables and fruits, sometimes mixed with cereal and infant formula.

Whatever the varied tastes and forms, Baby Food producers rely on malt extracts and malt based ingredients as color and natural agents. Regarding food safety the highest requirements imply both organic sourcing and very careful process, with more controls and analyses, and full traceability.

Organic Diamaltoro is a family of products — either liquid or powder, from light to brown shades — free of pesticide and metal traces, to give sweetness and color that help baby to like.

Diamalteria has specialized in hydrolyzed flours; its WheatXtract and RiceXtract are highly soluble flours, finely ajustable taste (or after-taste) and smoothness improver.