Who We AreOur Philosophy

The expectations and demands of food and beverage manufacturers regarding malt extracts and malt-based ingredients are numerous and more and more sophisticated. We believe that people will place more and more importance on the quality of their food in the future. High quality, crafted precision, product freshness, careful selection of the finest raw materials, respect, and consideration for our customers: These are Diamalteria’s “key words” and values which have helped make its products well-known to a great number of customers all over the world.

Diamalteria is an expert in the extraction of enzymes from malt, and has designed and provided solutions that guarantee a high-quality finished product and high-performance services.

Diamalteria puts forward a wide range of malt-based ingredients that are always suited to the needs of professional users, always in line with changing trends in consumption. There are many complex markets and applications for malt extracts, and these products are tailored to local geographic needs.

Diamalteria provides consistent and tailored solutions for the needs of each application, taking into account details of dietary prohibitions, raw materials, and the highest quality-certification standards.

Malt extracts and malt-based ingredients offer literally countless opportunities, thanks to the enzymatic and fermentation power they contain. Many products, for many applications, to fill needs for many features!

Being an agile partner able to deliver “tailor-made” solutions and innovative applications and allowing its customers to take full advantage of the potential of malt-based ingredients is an exact description of Diamalteria’s philosophy.

Diamalteria’s goal is to be renowned as the specialist in malt-based ingredients — and in particular the world expert in diastatic malt extracts; to become the European leader in malt-extract production, increasing market share in additional EU markets; and to develop long-term and innovative partnerships with customers around the world.