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Established in 1909 in Milan and Darfo, Italy, and completely modernized in recent years, Diamalteria is one of the most advanced plants in Europe. Renowned for the quality of its after-sales service, Diamalteria supplies standard food-quality liquids and powders from stock and works closely with its customers to manufacture custom products to their exact requirements.

Diamalteria is a subsidiary of Malteurop, one of the leading malt producers, present in 14 countries in Europe, North America, Oceania and Asia. Malteurop is part of Vivescia, a leading international group and the No. 1 cereal cooperative in France, strongly involved in food grain processing.

Diamalteria Italiana, established in Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia, Italy) back in 1909 by the Lepetit family, was the first company to promote malt extracts in Italy.

In 2000, a group of new Italian shareholders acquired the capital and personally took over management of the business. From 2003 until 2007, the company made major investments in new equipment and in the launch of new products, resulting in significant business expansion.

In 2010, Malteurop Group, one of the world’s leading malting companies, purchased 100% of the company’s shares. This ownership allows Diamalteria to continue the growth begun over 100 years ago with increasing strength.


Diamalteria has a range of technologies under one roof. In particular, through the milling process, malt grains are transformed into flour. After this stage, the malt flour is mixed with water into the boilers (mashing tanks).

There, the malt enzymes turn flour starch into simple sugars and dextrins. This is the saccharification process, which produces wort, which is made of sugars, spent grains and water. The wort is filtered through a filter press, then passes into the concentrators.

Diamalteria’s exclusive technologies enable low-temperature evaporation of water. This unique process guarantees excellent evaporation, yet allows all the malt’s enzymes to remain stable and intact in the concentrated wort. The result of those processes is concentrated malt extract with a dry residual value of approximately 80%.

The concentrated liquid extract is now processed in one of two ways:

  • It can be collected in a storage tank to be packaged in the required packaging, remaining in liquid form. Or

  • It undergoes another process that enables the production of dried malt extract: The liquid malt extract is transferred to the spray drier or the band drier machine to obtain malt extract in powder or in crystalline form.

Another kind of technology that Diamalteria has as well is the capacity of mixing different ingredients (such as flours, malted flours, powder malt extract, pure enzymes, seeds, functional ingredients, etc.) to obtain other families of product, such as improvers, mixes and malt-based ingredients for the baking markets.

Finally, Diamalteria is also able to hydrolyze different kinds of flours to provide high-solubility flours for the baby-food market.