What We ProduceFour Kinds of IngredientsWhat Are Mixes and Bread Improvers?

Mixes facilitate baking

Mixes are ready-to-use semi-finished products useful for easy production of specialties such as special or multi-cereal bread, dark or regional breads, viennoiserie and so on.

They contain different flours, cereals and part of the grains — e.g. seeds, fibers, germ, bran — and possibly other elements such as sugars, fat, milk powder, etc.

Bread improvers: Good results ensured

A bread improver is a combination of functional ingredients used in bakery products to improve the rheology — e.g. extensibility, tolerance, strength — of the dough and the quality — softness, volume, crispness, color, etc. — of the finished goods.

Bread improvers interact with the different components of the flour, mainly the starch and gluten, through a biochemical reaction that benefits both processes and products.