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With at least seven families of products and several hundreds of references, Diamalteria offers numerous possibilities to many different food and beverage industries.

In fact, needs and possibilities are so manifold and changing that the best approach consists in combining our experience in applications and knowledge with your ideas.

The truth is that our expertise is precisely the ability to develop customized solutions in a very agile way, to improve process effectiveness, product quality and customer satisfaction.

Solutions to improve process effectiveness:

  • reducing the number and cost of ingredients
  • simplifying dosages
  • simplifying processes
  • speeding up processes
  • increasing productivity
  • reducing checking problems
  • improving Maillard reaction, etc.

Solutions to increase final customer satisfaction:

  • taste and color optimization
  • improved volume and texture
  • longer shelf life
  • clean labels (no E-numbers)
  • additive-free
  • preservative-free
  • colorant-free