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As a subsidiary of Malteurop — one of the leading malt producers, present in 14 countries in Europe, North America, Oceania and Asia —, Diamalteria is also part of Vivescia, the No. 1 cereal cooperative in France, strongly involved in food-grain processing.

The Group’s anchoring in agriculture and its complete mastery of the cereal-grain value chain, from agricultural production through to final processing, has several unique advantages for Diamalteria’s customers:

  • direct access to the growers who produce the cereal grains. They supply the varieties that are best suited to cereal processing, malting, and extraction of food ingredients. This access to raw materials is secure, traceable, and sustainable.

  • the Group’s global reach, which makes it possible for Diamalteria to accompany its customers in their development on new markets and, locally, to organise the supply and production chains that suit them best.

  • research and development capacities at different points in the cereal-grain value chain — varietal development, agricultural science, innovations in grain processing in industry, and research into new functionalities and food applications based on cereals.