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Consistent leavening

Diastatic malt extracts contain sugars and amilolotic enzymes which guarantee a regular supply of fermentable sugars for yeasts; this allow consistent production of gas that standardizes proofing process in terms of time and results.

Increased tolerance

Malt extracts reduce the effects of mechanical stress such as lamination and shaping process of the dough. In this case diastatic activity relaunch the fermentation.

Better handling and regular shape

Thanks to hydrolytic action of diastase, barley malt enzymatic package (Hemicellulase, proteases, amylase, beta amylase) reduces the viscosity of the dough which will then be more extensible.

Crumbling reduction

Malt extracts reduce crumbling: diastatic malt extracts due to the high content of proteins, work as a binding agent of the components in extruded cereals and cereals bars.